The Canadian Pacific 1201 was built in 1944 at CPR Angus Shops in Montreal. It is the last steam locomotive constructed by Angus and was used mainly to ship goods and people between Montreal and Ottawa. In 1967 it was donated to the Canada Science and Technology Museum and was used in 1977 for a special event involving Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip for the Queen's Silver Jubilee. They were taken from Ottawa to Wakefield, Quebec, using the Governor General's rail cars. The train was used for the centennial commemoration of the Last Spike in 1985 at Craigellachie, British Columbia. On July 25, 2019, Canadian Pacific 1201 was installed at the new Ingenium Centre in Ottawa. The above video reveals the historic occasion.  

Expo 67 in Montreal

A photo collection about Canada's Centennial Celebration!

"Set a good example for the world. If you are excellent, if you are of high quality, the world will imitate you."
- Albert Schweitzer

Photo credit: © A. John Robinson and is used with permission with our sincere thanks.

Expo 67: 40th Anniversary Celebrations Edition

Photo credit: Diane Morin at Click on the image for
"Expo 67: 40th Anniversary Celebrations Edition" of history and special events.


"The cannonade of fireworks which marked the opening of Expo...may in retrospect turn out to have been one of those rare moments that changed the direction of a nation's history...This is the greatest thing we have ever done as a nation and surely the modernization of Canada -- of its skylines, of its styles, its institutions -- will be dated from this occasion and from this fair...The more you see of it, the more you're overwhelmed by a feeling that if this is possible, that if this little sub-arctic, self-obsessed country of 20,000,000 people can put on this kind of show, then it can do almost anything."

-- Syndicated journalist Peter C. Newman of the Toronto Star, April 28, 1967, opening day at Expo 67.

"Still, Expo is regarded as the best world's fair ever. Its success changed the world's view of Canada, and more importantly, it changed the way Canadians viewed themselves. For the first time the country basked in the pride and the glory of its talents and accomplishments. A nation had come of age."

-- CBC reporter Raj Ahluwalia, from his book: "We Interrupt This Program." Publisher Winding Stair Press, 2002.

"When the lights go out for the last time, when the crowds have left the pavilions and the avenues, a World Exhibition begins a new life. Less glittering but more profound, this new life is nourished in the souls of those who visited the Exhibition, and it will blossom into a legend for generations to come."

-- Pierre Dupuy, Commissioner General of Expo 67. Quoted from "Expo 67 Montreal Canada", the large memorial coffee table book. Publisher Toronto: Thomas Nelson, 1968.


Welcome to Canada's Expo 67!

About the "Expo 67" symbol 

Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson's Opening Remarks

Expo 67 News Articles

A message from the Secretary of State

Major Events In Canada's First One Hundred Years

A message from the Commissioner General

From the University of Calgary: Northern Highlights of Canada's Centennial

"CA-NA-DA" theme song by Bobby Gimby

Confederation Train
"Hey Friend, Say Friend" - the official Expo 67 theme song Alpine Club of Canada: Climbing for the Centennial - a photographic essay and report!

Audio: "The Sounds of Expo 67"

Politicians of the day

From the D.C. Hillier website: the photography work of Yvon Bellemare

"A Place To Stand (Ontar-i-ar-i-o)" - the full movie presentation is featured

Trinidad and Tobago's cultural impact on Toronto

Ben McPeek's instrumental version of "CA-NA-DA"

Michèle Richard's cover version of "Hey Friend, Say Friend"

Expo 67 International and Universal Exposition

More Expo 67 audio files

Expo 67 exhibition at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in 2005

McGill University: the excellent photography work of Meredith F. Dixon

Hi-Definition Video: "Expo 67"
Canadian Geographic: Canada 150 Canada 150: Christmas Sounds and Light Show on Parliament Hill

Our exclusive audio interview with Yves Jasmin, O.C.,
Director of Information, Publicity and Public Relations for Expo 67


Official Ceremonies, April 27, 1967

Mr. Al Carter - first man at Expo, April 1967

Phraseology: Why it was called Expo 67 and not the Montréal World's Fair

La Place d'Accueil

Place des Nations: the centerpiece for special events at Expo 67

 The Administration Building

The Operations Control Centre of Expo 67

Expo Theatre  

The Automotive Stadium

Expo 67 path marker and general site lights

Balloon Post: Canada's first-ever air mail delivery via a hot air balloon from Expo 67

The Watchmakers of Switzerland: "Expo 67 Official Time"

The Expo 67 Sun Dial

The Expo 67 Time Capsule
Miss Canada at The Tournament of Roses Parade, Pasadena California, January 2, 1967

Historica Minutes: A short video presentation about the location of Expo 67

National Film Board of Canada video: Impressions of Expo 67
National Film Board of Canada video: Labyrinth
National Film Board of Canada video: The Canada Pavilion


Photographs of Expo Pavilions and Themes

If you are using a "hi-speed modem" from work, these images should download within mere seconds. However, general downloading times based on "home dial-in" without using "hi-speed" can vary from 5-15 seconds but are well worth the wait.

The asterisk before some of the titles indicates Private Pavilions at Expo 67. The rest without using the asterisk are International; National; Provincial or State and Theme Pavilions found at the fair.

Unless otherwise indicated, the text write-ups on the various Expo Pavilions and themes were culled directly from the "Expo 67 Official Guide."

Africa *Air Canada *Alcan
 Algeria Arab Nations Atlantic Provinces
Australia Austria Belgium
*Brewers Britain Burma
Canada *Canadian National *Canadian Pacific - Cominco
*Canadian Pulp & Paper Carrefour International Ceylon
*Chatelaine House *Christian Cuba
Czechoslovakia *DuPont of Canada *Economic Progress
Ethiopia European Communities France
Germany Greece Guyana / Barbados
Gyrotron Habitat Haiti
Hélène de Champlain *Hospitality India
*Indians of Canada *International Broadcasting Centre *International Scout Centre
*International Trade Centre - Expo-Club Iran Israel
Italy Jamaica Japan
*Jeunesses Musicales of Canada *Judaism *Kaleidoscope
*Kodak Korea Kuwait
Labyrinth Man and his Health Man in the Community
Man the Creator Man the Explorer Man the Producer
Man the Provider Mauritius Mexico
Monaco Morocco Netherlands
OECD *Olympic House Ontario
*Polymer Quebec *Quebec Industries
Republic of China Scandinavia *Sermons from Science
State of Maine  State of New York State of Vermont
*Steel Sun Life Centenary Carillon Switzerland
*Telephone    Thailand Trinidad & Tobago and  Grenada
 Tunisia *United Nations United States
 U.S.S.R. Venezuela *Vienna Kindergarten
Western Provinces Youth Yugoslavia


Expo 67: Additional Points of Interest

Views of
Île Notre-Dame
Views of
e Ste-Hélène
A view of
é du Havre
La Ronde
Sculptures Fine Arts Exhibition Expo Life Expo at Night
Expo Food Hostesses Celebrities Transportation
Maps Expo Facts Memorabilia Miscellaneous
Some Expo 67 pavilions that were never built Closing Ceremonies
Post-era: Expo 67 and some of its attractions! We Publish Your Memories of Expo 67
Expo Links

Indian Memento, Michel Régnier, provided by the National Film Board of Canada


Aki'name (On the Wall), David Millar, provided by the National Film Board of Canada


Whether it be small or big contributions to this Expo 67 web site, the following people shared their equal enthusiasm in making this project possible with my sincere thanks:

The Canadian Alpine Journal for the photographs and "Centennial Peak" report
Christopher Barany for the photo of the Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada pavilion
Terri Meyer Boak, B.E.S. B. Arch. M.Arch, Associate Professor School of Architecture University of Waterloo, for the Habitat indoor/outdoor photographs
Klaus Boerger for the photograph of the Centennial Range
Fips Broda for photographs of the Centennial Range
Bill Cotter of for sharing his excellent collection of Expo 67 photographs
Louis J. Depelteau for the post-era photographs of the Jamaican pavilion
Bill Dutfield for his excellent collection of photographs
Dave Garvin, technical specialist for all the audio files located on this website. Also for finding two articles (with images) about the food at Expo 67 and for the 3-D maps
D.C. Hillier of FOS Productions for the additional Expo 67 photographs
Yves Jasmin, Director of Publicity, Marketing and Promotions for Expo 67 who shared his fond memories about the fair.
George C. Konder for the excellent write-up on "A Place To Stand"
Claude Latour for the following audio files: Interview with Lester B. Pearson and Expo 67 Commissioner General Pierre Dupuy; La Ronde; The Last Train to Expo 67; On s'en souviendra; and Echos of Man and His World. Also for the photographs of the Automotive Stadium (Autostade)
Robert Lavigne for usage of his Expo 67 photographs
Genevieve Lauziere for usage of the Louis Chavignier's sculpture "Vaisseau Lunaire"
Patrick Leclerc for providing the rare recording of Ben McPeek's instrumental cover version of "Canada" 
Allan Macmillan, principal founding partner for Nimbus 9 records for his comments on composer Ben McPeek
Helmut Microys for photographs of the Centennial Range
Tom Mitchell, University Archivist, S.J. McKee Archives & John E. Robbins Library, Brandon University, Manitoba, for his photography of Victor Tolgesy's "Explorer" sculpture
Stéphanie Mondor of the Centre d'histoire de Montréal for the drawing of the International Trade Centre -- Expo-Club
Diane Morin for usage of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations hostesses photograph
Gary Muth for the exclusive photographs of Nimbus 9 records headquarters
Brian Pollock for the post-Expo image of the Mario Armengol sculptures
Stan Rosenbaum for photographs and his excellent write-up on the Centennial Range
Susan Schuppli, Professor at University of Western Ontario, for Yves Jasmin interview questions
Bruno Paul Stenson, MA, for texts, Expo pavilion floor plans and additional images
John Stockl for the post-era photographs on Expo 67
Stéphanie Stockl for the lovely photograph of Yves Jasmin
Jason Stockl of Montréal for the excellent write-up and audio files on Michèle Richard
Mary Ann Sullivan, Professor at Bluffton University, Ohio, for the post-Expo images of the Barbara Hepworth sculpture
Eric Watson for the post-era images of the Cuban, Yugoslavian and U.S.S.R. pavilions
Hans Weber for the photograph of the Centennial Range
Clayton Yee for the post-era photographs of the Calder's Man sculpture and the United States Pavilion


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