Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Algeria

Algeria is an ancient land with a new look -- an accent on education and industrial development, on the exploitation of the natural resources such as oil and natural gas of the Sahara, phosphates, zinc and lead. At Bne a large steel plant has been erected.

The Algerian Pavilion shows a country of which the face is exceedingly varied, with a terrain of gnarled olive trees in the north; mountainous areas where wild boors, gazelles and jackals share large forests of evergreens; warm areas where fig, eucalyptus, agave and palm trees flourish, and the coastal plain with abundant vineyards.

Algeria is the land of the famous Turquoise Coast - paradise for swimmers and fishermen, and the oases of the south represent a land of sun, serenity and silence.

It is the land of the gold and white city of Algiers, modern Oran, picturesque and ancient Constantine, Blida with its fragrant gardens and abundant orange trees: mythological site of the Gardens of the Hesperides and their golden apples. The Pavilion of Algeria introduces a proud country rising with youth and vigor.