Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

The State of Kuwait Pavilion

The State of Kuwait's pavilion tells the story of Kuwait's almost incredible economic growth. Only a few short years ago a small unknown country on the shores of the Arabian Gulf where people depended on pearl fishing and seafaring, it is now the world's second largest exporter of oil. Revenue from oil is used to improve the standard of living by the building of schools, hospitals, housing and public works programs. Citizens are given generous loans to build their houses and set up various industrial establishments. The fact that education from kindergarten to university is free, health services are free, social benefits are generous and taxes do not exist in Kuwait, emphasize that this country has the highest per capita income in the world.
Historical Footnote: The proprietor of this website recalled that a particular country withdrew its participation during Expo 67. Having since forgotten which one it was that did so, it turned out to be the Kuwait Pavilion. It was actually a sad commentary on Kuwait's part since a world exposition is supposed to be non-political in nature. Nonetheless, according to the McGill University slide collection on Expo 67, photographer Meredith F. Dixon made the following annotation in his notes: "Arabian Countries Pavilion, Ile Notre Dame, originally was sponsored by Algeria, Morocco and Kuwait. But at time of Egypt-Israel 6 days war, Kuwait closed its section. It never was re-opened. Kuwait was the only nation that withdrew during the six months of expo'67."