Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Ceylon

The Ceylon Pavilion draws its architectural inspiration from one of the greatest treasures of the country's heritage.

It is modelled on the magnificent audience hall in the ancient hill capital of Kandy, the outstanding feature of which is its delicately traced roof.

On an exterior wall there is a relief sculpture representing the Kandy Perahera, the island's great annual pageant.

The front mural is a fine example of contemporary work in stained glass, executed by George Keyt, one of Ceylon's finest artists.

Visitors begin their tour at the highest of the pavilion's three levels. Displays inside show Ceylon's cultural heritage, political development, international connections, and describe Ceylon's relations with Canada. There are also displays devoted to art, handicrafts, agriculture, industrial development and the tourist attractions of Ceylon.

On the first level looking out onto a canal is a tea lounge, decorated in traditional bright colors, where Ceylon tea, famous throughout the world for its high quality, will be served by girls wearing the national costume.

The attractive location has its main view towards a picturesque canal.

The pavilion is located on Ile Notre-Dame and is close to the island's Expo-Express station.