Photo credit: © Lillian Seymour

The Pavilion of Japan

The Pavilion of Japan on IIe Sainte-Hélèn interprets the Expo theme Man and his World by showing the art, industry and way of life of present-day Japan.

It is equally accessible by Métro or from the Place des Nations station of the Expo-Express.

Outside the pavilion you can relax in a traditional Japanese garden and restaurant where kimono-clad waitresses serve authentic Japanese cuisine.

The three section pavilion is a blend of modern technology and traditional Japanese style.

Visitors to the pavilion proceed first by escalator to the top level, then move gradually down to ground level.

Japan in Progress is the theme, with a separate sub-theme at each level.

Harmony with Nature shows how the people of Japan live -- in a land where every square foot is precious.

Harmony with Technological Advance shows how Japan has contributed to electronic technology and industrial machinery.

Japan, a major exhibitor at Expo 67, is also preparing to host the next Universal and International Exhibition at Osaka in 1970.

Click here to see a model to scale of the Japan Pavilion.

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