Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

Olympic House with hostess

Olympic House in Cité du Havre is more than a pavilion. It is at once the symbol and the realization of an ambition of the Olympic movement in Canada to have a permanent home, serving as national center for administration, documentation and information for all amateur sports.

It is close to the Habitat station of the Expo-Express and beside a stop of the Trailer Train.

In Olympic House the Canadian Olympic Association presents Man at Play, an international Olympic exhibition which is the first of its kind.

On two floor levels, films, slides, photographs, displays and artifacts illustrate the role of sport in self-fulfillment, its effect on the community, the training of an athlete, the Olympic Games and their history and modern features.

The Olympic Academy in Greece and International Olympic Museum in Switzerland are well represented. Many of the 126 Olympic committees in foreign countries are co-operating.

The exhibit makes clear that the international festivals of Olympic sports taking place every four years are only part of a universal movement, an international idea and feeling which is alive constantly. Visitors will appreciate that the quest for excellence is a source of pride and satisfaction to all athletes.