Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of India

The Pavilion of India on Ile Notre-Dame near the Minirail portrays rich achievement, and shows India's efforts to build a present no less magnificent than the past.

India is a legend and a riddle, an idea and a country, an ancient home of Man and a nation bursting into the age of modern technology.

India is a land of persistence, of continental diversity in language, costume, religion and custom. It is never changing, ever changing. Centuries coexist in India: cities 4,000 years old like Banaras continue to grow and new towns are born every year.

Down the centuries India has produced great song and sculpture, music and epics. Two of the world's great religions arose in India, and two others have found a home there. Indian mathematics and medicine have influenced other great civilizations.

This is the scope of the theme of India in its approach to the story of Man and his World.

Special attractions include famous bronzes and Mughal paintings, weapons, drums, jewelry, pictorial panorama, changing gallery of modern art, music and dance, cloth woven by Mahatma Gandhi, girls in gorgeous saris, atomic and electronic apparatus.

The pavilion's Indian restaurant serves authentic tandoori food.

Click here to see a model to scale of the India Pavilion.