Image from, the Bill Cotter collection, with our sincere thanks.

Pavilion of Cuba

The design for the Cuban Pavilion was selected from 25 entries submitted in an architectural contest, and represents the youthful spirit of the Cuban Revolution, openness, gaiety and rapid development.

Located on Ile Notre-Dame close to the Theme pavilion Man the Producer, it consists of a series of geometrical figures projected in all directions and in various shapes.

Long square tubes pointing outward house screens upon which visitors can watch films showing how Cubans live.

The pavilion is of steel with aluminum walls coated with white vinyl. It uses multicolored glass and plastic domes. When Expo 67 is over, the pavilion will be dismantled and shipped to Cuba to be rebuilt for exhibition purposes.

In the exhibits on three levels the continuity of this story of Man and his World is observed, showing Cuba as it was before the success of its Revolution on January 1, 1959, and as it is today.

There are exhibits devoted to the economy, industry, education, medical care and social welfare.

As to the good things of life for which Cuba is famous, a restaurant and bar serve fresh Cuban seafood specially brought to Montreal and Cuban drinks such as Daiquiri and Cuba Libre prepared with Cuban rum.