Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Britain

The British presentation can be summed up in three words - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It tells a compelling story, about a people who became a great nation and helped shape the history of the world. The pavilion housing it, set amid lagoons and moats to remind visitors of Britain's island heritage, is dominated by a 200-foot tower. It is on Ile Notre-Dame adjacent to the Expo-Express station.

To step through the gate in its base is to step back 3,000 years.

A Journey Through Time: This is Britain before even the Romans came - primitive, wild. But slowly as the centuries spin past, science and industry evolve, until the British set out to explore the world.

A Roll-Call: Here are the great men of the past - statesmen, inventors, artists, and those of today, the new men ringing the changes for tomorrow.

Britain Today: A refreshing story of everyday life in Britain.

Geared to Advance: From Britain's research laboratories and design officers come a steady stream of new ideas.

Britain in the World: The fifth section is dominated by giant sculptured figures expressing the universal hope for a world at peace. Among them are displays illustrating the spirit of freedom and good neighborliness - qualities essential to realizing such an ideal.

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