Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada

The Pavilion of Trinidad & Tobago and Granada will be live music, song and dance.

It is on Ile Notre-Dame adjoining the Expo-Express station, and in an auditorium holding up to 80 performers and 250 spectators shows will be continuous, with folk dancing and singing, Calypso singing, spectacular Limbo shows and steel band music.

There is also steel band music on the lagoon in front of the pavilion's attractive bar which serves all the beverages produced in Trinidad & Tobago.

The pavilion emphasizes the racial and religious background of the three islands, and the culture which has emerged from it.

Trinidad & Tobago has been an independent country within the British Commonwealth since 1962, while Grenada retains colonial status under the British Crown. In people, in culture and in trade the islands are closely related.

The ground floor exhibit area shows historical material, paintings, sculpture and literature. There is a colorful display of carnival costumes, and Grenada, renowned as the spice island of the West, has a display on its development. It is entitled "The Story of Nutmeg".

Records of music of the islands and postage stamps are on sale.