Image from the Claude Latour collection, with our sincere thanks.

The Administration Building

Expo At Your Service

The nerve center of Expo 67 is the three story Administration and News Pavilion close to Place d'Accueil in Cité du Havre.

It is the headquarters of the administration, Expo's six departments and news services.

The pavilion has three wings, each with its own entrance hall decorated by large concrete mural sculptures which are the work of leading Canadian artists.

The offices of the Commissioner General of the Universal and International Exhibition of 1967, the Deputy Commissioner General and the General Manager are on the third floor of the north wing.

Services for the representatives of mass media, telling the story of Man and his World across the five continents, are also in the north wing.

The second floor houses the offices of the Department of Public Relations and at ground level are four studios for television and radio use, a working center for newsmen, a media theatre and a lounge.

The floors of the building are cantilevered, the top story overhanging the second and the second overhanging the first, so as to provide maximum protection from direct sunlight.

The landscape area between the Administration and News Pavilion and the International Broadcasting Centre contains a large reflecting pool and a sculpture.

May 22, 2007 update: The statue in the photograph is called "Sky Watcher" which was created by Richard Turner.