Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Venezuela

The Venezuelan Pavilion on Ile Notre-Dame offers fine live entertainment and a comprehensive introduction to the country.

It is conveniently close to the island's Expo-Express station, and comprises three buildings of cube shape.

Their simplicity of form provides a striking quality, and use of a wide color range proclaims the abundant gaiety of the country's spirit. Highly polished exterior walls give the effect of mirrors.

In the first cube, films tell Venezuela's story. On a battery of screens visitors are introduced to mountains and beaches, typical cities and streets, and - most important in its bearing on the Man and his World theme of Expo 67 - to the way of life in Venezuela.

The industrialization of Venezuela is shown and there is an exhibit devoted to commerce between Venezuela and Canada.

Lively folk music, exotic fruits and drinks are offered at the bar located within the second cube.

The setting of the third cube is of tropical forest and an oasis. Visitors will be able to relax in a winter garden setting characteristic of Venezuela, of tropical trees, flowers and fountains.

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