Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

La Place d'Accueil

La Place d'Accueil provides the main gate to Expo and is in La Cité du Havre.  Here visitors will draw their first impression of the Expo scene.  A huge plaza of 2˝ acres is on a middle level, above a bus station which is also used by taxis and the terminals of the Expo-Express and the Trailer Train which connects Cité du Havre points.

On the middle level, and on a third level, are information booths, travel offices, accommodation bureaux, shops, banks, a liquor store, restaurants, snack bars, lounges and a day hotel.

There is a direct footway from the plaza to the International Broadcasting Centre.  A striking architectural feature of the place is its roof -- in the shape of a huge umbrella.  It is made up of seven plexiglass hexagons.

Click here to see a model to scale of La Place d'Accueil.

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