Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

The United States of America Pavilion

The United States exhibit, entitled Creative America, is designed to illustrate technological and esthetic inventiveness in the U.S.A.

A huge transparent geodesic "bubble" contains a multi-level system of exhibit platforms interconnected by escalators, and walkways. The platforms support a variety of exhibit components specially selected or designed for the new environment created by the structure.

Situated on Ile Sainte-Hélène close to the Métro station from which there is Minirail connection with the Expo-Express, the bubble is 20 stories high and has a spherical diameter of 250 feet.

By day, the bubble glistens as the sun highlights the structure and, by night, the bubble "glows" from interior lighting.

The interior exhibits reflect different aspects of the United States and include folk art, cinema and fine arts displays, as well as a space exhibit which is reached by a 125 foot escalator and a simulated lunar landscape supporting full scale lunar vehicles.

A 300-seat theatre features a 3-screen color film showing the games children play.

Click here to see a model to scale of the United States Pavilion.

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