Photo credit: © Robert Lavigne, used with permission with our sincere thanks.

Water fountains stretch out from "Man the Explorer"

Man has an initial urge to explore. Throughout Man's story, every man has been an explorer. From infancy on, Man explores.

First he turns to his immediate environment. Then he seeks to know more about himself. Eventually he proceeds to the wider exploration of the universe.

As Man's knowledge grows, his constant thought is how what he finds may be best used and adapted to his purposes - to meet mankind's needs.

This vast field of human endeavor forms a sub-theme of Expo 67's overall Theme subject: Man and his World.

The Man the Explorer complex is close to the southwest tip of Ile Sainte-Hélène. It is convenient for Expo-Express and Métro stations.

There are four exhibit areas in three interconnected buildings round a plaza:

Man and Life is in the building on the south side of the plaza.

Man, his Planet and Space is in the pavilion on the northeast side.

Man and the Oceans is on the upper level of the northwest building.

Man the Polar Regions is on the lower level of the northwest building.

A bookstore displays a selection of books related to all Theme exhibits.

A restaurant, a bar and a terrace offer refreshments.

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