Photo credit: © Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Expo 67 signage (the front view) Unloading dock of the cable car at Expo 67
Expo 67 signage (the back view) Photo of the Cosmos Walk
Pierre Berton Show "Expo 67" circa 1966 Long line-up at an Expo 67 pavilion
Expo 67 Parking Lot (part 1) Canada Pavilion - a rare angle photograph (postcard)
Expo 67 Parking Lot (part 2) Information Booth
Early promotion of Expo at the Denholm and McKay department store in Worcester, Massachusetts Canada Pavilion - "People Tree"
The USA pavilion the winter before Expo opened Train Ride at "Children's World"
Filling up Various Reclaimed Land from the St. Lawrence River - La Ronde area Hostess with a lost boy at Expo 67
Land fill under the Jacque Cartier bridge Place d'Accueil
Expo 67 early construction (part 1) Czechoslovakia Pavilion - Trebichovice crib at Expo 67
Expo 67 early construction (part 2) Interior of Place des Arts during Expo 67
Expo 67 under construction, 1966 Closer aerial view of Île Sainte-Hélène + Île Notre-Dame
Bird's eye view of La Ronde construction, Expo 67 Closer aerial view of Île Notre-Dame
South side of La Ronde being developed (excellent photograph) Closer aerial view of U.S.S.R. + U.S.A. pavilions
Habitat under construction Aerial close-up of Québec, Ontario, Western Canada and Atlantic Canada
Panoramic views of the construction of pavilions on all Expo islands (excellent photographs) A boat under construction at the Atlantic Provinces Pavilion at Expo 67
Cosmos Walk under construction Japan Pavilion (postcard)
Early Bridge construction (excellent photographs) Drawing of the Québec Pavilion
Expo Planters Habitat (black and white photo 1)
Expo Lamppost Habitat (black and white photo 2)
Expo Trash Can La Ronde in the Winter featuring a replica of the Jacque Cartier ship
Expo Phone Booth La Ronde in the Winter featuring the Gyrotron
Expo Mailbox Expo Express under the Jacque Cartier Bridge
Expo Speakers Expo 67 Hostesses at Parliament Hill in Ottawa 
Expo Pictograph Miss Centennial
Pedestrian Finding-Way Map of Expo 67 Close-up of three Expo Hostesses in uniforms
Expo Vision (black and white photo 1) Lobster at Atlantic Pavilion
Expo Vision (black and white photo 2) Rowing Lanes - Regatta Lake, Ile Notre Dame
Expo Vision (black and white photo 3) Ceremony One Year Prior to the Opening of Expo 67
 Postal Facilities Electronic Billboard Installation