Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Guyana + Barbados

Guyana and Barbados are celebrating their new status of independent nations, and invite you to join them.

Their joint Pavilion is on the Ile Notre-Dame close to the Man the Producer theme complex and the Expo-Express station, and the exhibit deals with who, where, what and why of the two countries.

Guyana on the northeast tip of South America is the legendary land of El Dorado, with natural wealth such as gold, bauxite and manganese. It is the land of Kaiteur Falls, whose waters drop sheer for 822 feet, land of exotic woods, sugar, rice and shrimps.

Barbados has a rapidly developing tourist industry, but sugar remains the economic mainstay. The island enjoys a superb climate, an adaptable labor force which is quick to learn new techniques, a stable and hospitable government - and cricket champions.

The pavilion has strolling calypso singers, multi-colored macaws and toucans from Guyana, and from Barbados friendly policemen in uniforms dating back to Admiral Nelson.

The deliciously light rum, a speciality of both lands, is available.