Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Ontario

Beneath the soaring roofline of the Ontario Pavilion is an eye-opening window on the vast, rich, progressive Province of Ontario.

The pavilion on Ile Notre-Dame can be reached by Expo-Express or Minirail. The roof is a soaring angled structure of pyramid shapes which appears to float over an exhibit platform 18 feet above ground level. The roof is an opaque vinyl glass fibre membrane stretched over cigar-shaped steel booms. These lean at many angles to create various-sized exhibit areas.

On the exhibit platform are 16 bilingual exhibits, a circular theater and a large restaurant complex.

The exhibits capture in a highly imaginative and entertaining fashion the mood, character and dynamic outlook of the province. Colorful, amusing paintings portray Ontario through a child's eyes. Larger than life-size robots discuss the career opportunities for young people in Ontario. A flashback to Ontario in 1900 portrays the homes, entertainment, architecture and people of the period. Other exhibits describe finance, growth of population and a look into the 21st century.

The focal point is the 570-seat circular theatre which presents a unique, multi-image 16-minute film.

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