Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Sermons from Science Pavilion

Led by prominent figures in Canadian business, education and politics, a large group of Canadians have taken the opportunity to present a Christian viewpoint in modern terms with the theme of Man and his World.

They are responsible for the Sermons from Science Pavilion, set in the heart of the pavilion area on Ile Notre-Dame and consisting of a 300-seat auditorium and separate 75-seat conference theatre. Commentary is available in six languages.

The message, in brief, is that scientific laws governing life show the existence of a Supreme Planner.

In the auditorium, color films and programs prepared by the Moody Institute of Science, Los Angeles, last 28 minutes.

Live demonstrations in the auditorium program will include flashlights that talk, liquid light from cold chemicals, a million-volt flash of man-made lightning. Through the medium of movies, the emphasis is on the theme that wonders of the age are adaptations of the marvels of nature.

Exhibits designed for entertainment and for spiritual enlightenment seek to carry the Theme of Expo 67 beyond the wonders of Man and his World - to introduce the Creator.