Photo credit: © "Expo 67 Montreal Canada." Toronto: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1968

Photo  graciously provided by Bruno Paul Stenson, MA

Pavilion of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Dutch chose a setting for the Netherlands Pavilion which reflects the geography of their country.

Like the Netherlands it has a marine background. To the north flows the St. Lawrence River and to the west is Swan Lake.

The cocoon-like structure of the pavilion consists of 35 miles of tubular aluminum, and it rests on concrete foundations covered with Dutch bricks. One of the three main exhibition halls has a cantilevered area thrusting out towards the river. This affords a magnificent view of Montreal.

Faithful to Expo's overall theme, exhibits deal with life in the Netherlands' historic and contemporary world role is described in lively presentations.

There are visual displays on such topics as: geography or the country ("Gateway to Europe"); struggle with the sea; industrialization, housing and town planning in one of the world's most densely populated areas; trade and commerce, shipping (Rotterdam is the world's busiest port!), and communications; culture and scientific achievements.

The Netherlands also participates in the Pavilion of the European Communities.

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