Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

The Pavilion of Haiti

Haiti, Land of Sun, is the theme of the displays in the Pavilion of Haiti, situated on Ile Notre-Dame and - appropriate to for a French speaking land - adjoining the pavilions of France and Quebec. For visitors to Haiti in Expo a really sunny welcome is waiting.

Expo-Express and Minirail systems provide convenient access to the pavilion, opening onto the Engineers' Plaza with Yugoslavia and Monaco as neighbors. On two sides it is bounded by picturesque canals. The Land of Sun motif of the pavilion is expressed in architecture and decoration as well as in the exhibits. On both the external terrace and the internal flooring there is a stylized representation of the sun.

The decor sets the mood of the pavilion's gay and cheerful atmosphere. The outer walls of 16 hollow cubes of varying height are painted white, while their interior surfaces in shades of orange reflect the rays of the sun filtered through transparent plastic which covers the whole pavilion area. Exterior walls of glass give passersby a clear view of what is going on inside.

Some of the exhibit elements, for instance sisal, cotton and tapestries are displayed on floors and walls. Sculptures, paintings and dolls are hung from steel wires stretched between floor and ceiling.

A special feature of the design is that the interior flooring is continued to the exterior terrace, which in fine weather is also used as a display area.