Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Yugoslavia

The Yugoslav Pavilion on Ile Notre-Dame close to the Expo-Express station presents Yugoslavs working for a democratic, prosperous society.

It endeavors to portray how, in the story of Man and his World, Yugoslavia has adopted the special role of a bridge among all countries of the world.

It relates a long and colorful history and ancient culture to the dynamic forward impetus of today.

There is music to match mood, and art displays including priceless national treasures and contemporary work. A section devoted to industry treats production not as an end but as a means for a free and democratic life.

The close ties that link Canada and the United States to Yugoslavia are remembered, a comradeship that spans two World Wars and years of peace.

The pavilion's theater shows feature films from Yugoslavia, documentaries and cartoons, live concerts and folklore programs by Yugoslav artists.

Yugoslav export goods are on display, and experts are ready to discuss business opportunities. Literature describing Yugoslavia is available.

Culture, the country's role in international affairs, economy and tourism, social system and government are principal theme subjects.

Click here to see a model to scale of the Yugoslavia Pavilion.