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Guy Godin - "On s'en souviendra"

In French
(running time: 2:54)


Lucien Hétu - "Hey Friend, Say Friend"

Carillon instrumental
(running time: 2:15)


Marc Gelinas - "La Ronde"

In French
(running time: 2:13)



Wiener Studio Ensemble - "Vision of Austria"

"Vision of Austria" (Part 1) Classical instrumental (running time: 7:34)

"Vision of Austria" (Part 2) Classical instrumental (running time: 7:14)



Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

Pierre Dupuy, Commissioner General for Expo 67, May, 1966, sitting before the construction of the Canada Pavilion.

French interview with Pierre Dupuy (recorded on April 26, 1967.)  The official ceremonies of Expo 67 were held for VIPs only and the media on April 27, 1967 with an introduction by Lester B. Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada. Opening day for the general public was on April 28, 1967.

 (running time: 3:50)

Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

The Melodians - "The Last Train to Expo 67"

In English
(running time: 3:06)

With the enormous success of Expo 67, Mayor Drapeau announced in October, that the Expo 67 "Man and His World" theme would become a permanent exhibition of cultural diversity. Several countries participated in  the exhibition. In 1968, Prime Minister Trudeau attended the opening ceremony.  With pavilions either being added or transformed, "Man and His World" was attended by 20 million people. In spite of this figure, it was not nearly successful over the years as officials had hoped it would be and so "Man and His World" officially closed in 1981.


"Echos of Man and His World" (Part 1)

In English and in French
(running time: 6:33)

"Echos of Man and His World" (Part 2)

In English and in French
(running time: 6:32)

The above audio recordings were provided by Claude Latour of Laval, Québec except for "Hey Friend, Say Friend" and "Vision of Austria" which were provided by Andre Fiset of Laval, Québec with our sincere thanks!  Both "Hey Friend, Say Friend" and "Vision of Austria" were first posted with their historical write-ups of each artist in the "Expo 67: 40th Anniversary Celebrations Edition."  

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