Photo credit: National Archives of Canada


History and Aspirations is the Mexican Pavilion's theme, developed as an exciting panorama of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The pavilion is on Ile Notre-Dame near Expo-Express, Mtro and Minirail stations.

Within the striking building based on traditional architectural forms, a huge mural represents The Mexican Man before the World.

A major exhibit presents Mexico's history, nature, progress and aspirations. There is a remarkable exhibit of pre-Colombian art, together with collections of the profane and religious art of New Spain from the 16th century. A large gold-leaf baroque altar is flanked by gigantic monoliths from ancient civilizations.

The visitor can enjoy the works of famous contemporary painters such as Jose Clemente Orozco, Diego Riveira, David Alfaro Siquieiros and Rufino Tamayao, as well as those of other artists of rising reputation. Then in the Acapulco Bar or the Fonda Santa Anita he can enjoy Mexican dishes to the captivating rhythms of the "Mariachis."

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