Photo credit: © "The Voice of Expo" in Sun Life Review, vol. 24. no. 1 (Expo Edition)
Photo graciously provided by Bruno Paul Stenson, MA

Sun Life Centenary Carillon - Lévis Tower

Man's Universal Language...Music

The Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada has set up on the highest point of Parc Hélèn de Champlain the largest electronic carillon in the world.

Its 671 bells sound out from the 96 foot top of La Tour de Lévis on the 153 foot high summit of Mont Boullé, a miniature mountain in the center of the park which bears Madame de Champlain's maiden name.

La Tour de Lévis, named after one of historic French Canada's most honored soldiers, is an outstanding landmark, widely visible from points in Montréal and on the South Shore -- and from the other sectors of the exhibition area.

The amplifying system of the carillon is at the top of the tower, but for the console and other equipment an additional building has been constructed.  Through large observation windows, visitors can look in on the carilloneur.

During Expo, concerts are being given regularly on the carillon by famous musicians.


"The carillon rings the opening and closing of Expo each day with the exhibition's theme song, Hey Friend, Say Friend; strikes the hours; gives concerts daily of music ranging from Brahms to pop, from La Tour de Lévis."  -- quoted from a book called "Bill Bantey's Expo 67," published by the Gazette Printing Company (Limited), Montréal, April, 1967.