Image from, the Bill Cotter collection, with our sincere thanks.

Pavilion of Economic Progress

Thirty aluminum pylons, rising 40 feet into the air, draw the visitor's attention to the Pavilion of Economic Progress on Ile Notre-Dame near the Expo-Express station.

When the visitor approaches the pavilion, he is intrigued by a huge 160-ft.-round rotating fiber glass storywall. Colored graphics about the companies responsible for the pavilion form a multi-image fresco, completely intelligible only when seen from the inside.

Audiences of 150 people hear about the contribution to Canadian life of the pavilion's participants from the life-size animated puppets. The rotating wall then becomes an illustrated back-drop for the story of competitive enterprise.

While remaining seated, the audience is moved by a large turntable through the rotating wall into a second theatre, where the basic principles of economics are told in an interesting and educational way with the aid of multiple color projection.

Individual exhibits of the participating companies feature special animation, projection devices, bilingual explanations and designs.

The sponsoring companies represent many Canadian industries.

Click here to see a map of the Economic Progress floor plan.