Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

A Canadian Mountie looking towards the crowd with the Québec Pavilion in the background.

The relationship of Man to nature is the aspect of Man and his World projected by the Province of Québec pavilion.

The Québec Pavilion is close to the south-west tip of the Ile Notre-Dame facing the pavilion of Canada.

In form the pavilion is a 50-foot high truncated pyramid with slightly inclined sides. Glass facing relieves its otherwise massive appearance. The glass reflects the sky, the colors varying according to season and time of day.

For millions of visitors to Expo, this pavilion represents their first significant contact with the province. Visitors will be introduced to the special qualities which make Québec unique on the American continent.

The pavilion's theme is developed under three headings: Man's challenge; Man's struggle with his environment; the forward drive of a People. The key words of the display are: Challenge, Struggle, Drive.

Challenge shows Québec as the explorers and pioneers found it.

Struggle illustrates Man's advance, and progress from frontiersman to citizen whose domain is a vast workshop.

Drive shows the vigor of Québec's advance as both industrial and cultural center.

Finally there is an intriguing conception of Québec in the year 2,000.

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