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Canadian National (CN) Pavilion

The CN Pavilion takes an imaginative and comprehensive look at twin elements of Time and Motion -- as vital to Man and his World at large as they are in Canadian National's role of creating and operating modern transportation and communications systems.

Located on Ile Notre-Dame immediately north of Man the Producer Theme complex and close to the Expo-Express station, the pavilion comprises a cluster of nine translucent gem-like cells linked to an eight-sided motion picture theatre.

The pavilion's distinctive architectural concept was specially designed to help express and illustrate the exhibit's Time and Motion theme.

The cells are assembled so as to provide an air-conditioned exhibit area. They are raised from the ground, and visitors approach the pavilion from a sheltered garden beneath.

Inside the cells, Time is the center of attention. Visitors see and experience dozens of its aspects and effects through a series of animated exhibit devices.

In the pavilion's theater, visitors explore the subject of Motion by means of wide-screen color film, with 70 m.m. realism and stereophonic sound.

Click here to see a map of the Canadian National floor plan.