Photo credit: © National Archives of Canada

The Steel Pavilion

There is a fascinating romance to the making of steel. It's one of Man's oldest manufacturing processes, but new techniques and uses are constantly developing. It is an essential for Man in his Modern World.

The sights and smells of the exciting world of steel making are realistically recreated in this pavilion nearly ten stories high - the combined project of The Algoma Steel Corporation Ltd., Dominion Foundries and Steel Ltd., and The Steel Company of Canada Ltd.

The pavilion is on Ile Notre-Dame, adjacent to the Pavilion of the U.S.S.R.

After their simulated tour of a large steel mill, visitors are invited to the pavilion's 350-seat theatre to see a film showing how Man has learned to control the basic elements of his World.

You can watch the transformation into steel of iron ore from the ground, and see the dramatic moment when molten steel is poured from a massive ladle into ingot moulds. It then passes red hot through rolling mills that begin to shape it to meet Man's needs.

Animated models, film, photographs and colorful diagrams are used to tell a tale to thrill children and adults alike.

Click here to see a model of the Steel Pavilion.

Click here to see a photograph of the construction of the Steel Pavilion.