Photo credit: © Lillian Seymour

The State of Maine Pavilion

Maine's Pavilion, traditional and colonial in appearance, is built with a unique application of modern techniques and materials.

It is on Ile Sainte-Hélène, and the nearest transport connection is at the island's Métro station.

From the building and along a landscape stretch of countryside in the grounds runs the scaled replica of a modern train with a cargo of Maine products. Within the pavilion the train winds its way through a model of industrial communities.

Under the simulated blue sky of the exhibit area of the pavilion is a realistic mountain range with ski trails.

A mountain stream operates the water wheel of the authentic reproduction of a grist mill and then cascades down spectacular waterfalls through the center of the pavilion.

Revolving islands in each of the three pools show animated illustrations of the recreation that Maine -- four seasons' vacation land -- offers.

The interior of the grist mill forms a theatre where a 15-minute program tells the full story of Maine as a center of recreation and industry.

There is an illustrated and animated geodetic display and showing of the works of Maine artists.