Photo credit: National Archives of Canada


This pavilion presents Man and Color - an adventure in color, motion and sound. The exterior of the pavilion is round, with 112 fins painted in a spectrum of vivid colors surrounding the circular steel frame.

Seen from Expo-Express, Minirail, or the ground, it appears to change its color. Entering the pavilion, the visitor is carried away by a world of moving colors. Using a completely unique process, this remarkable structure actually places one inside a kaleidoscope. The show proceeds through a 12 minute "day" from sunrise to nightfall, during which one experiences the emotional, psychological and even physical effects of color.

An all-Canadian concept and design, Kaleidoscope was created by the University of Waterloo's Institute of Design and the Toronto industrial design firm of Morley Markson and Associates, Limited. Co-sponsors of the pavilion are six leading Canadian chemical companies, Canadian Industries Limited, Chemcell Limited, Cyanamid of Canada Limited, Shawinigan Chemicals Limited and Union Carbide Canada Limited.

The pavilion is dedicated to color in daily life, and dramatizes how chemistry, through color, contributes to the excitement of life. Charming guides, all former "Miss Canada' contestants, escort visitors. Kaleidoscope is on the south side of Ile Notre-Dame.

Click here for an excellent view of the construction of the Kaleidoscope Pavilion.