Photo credit: Robert Lavigne

Pavilion of Thailand

The main building of the Thailand Pavilion is a fine reproduction of the 18th century Buddhist Shrine, its roof of gilded tiles and with a towering spire.

Built in Thailand, it was shipped to Montreal piece by piece for re-erection on the Ile Notre-Dame site. Transport to the sector is available by Expo-Express and Minirail.

In the pavilion area both the scenic beauty and the oriental atmosphere of Thailand are represented. Both ancient and modern Thailand have their place in the display, and there are exhibits of fine art, handicrafts and other aspects of the culture of the country.

To re-create traditional Thailand there are exquisite and delicately wrought statues and traditional costumes. Models on display include a ceremonial barge, an elephant bearing the trappings and harness of war in the ancient style, and a royal chariot.

Representing Thailand today there are displays of beautiful Thai jewelry, famous Thai silk, Thai bronze and silverware, and samples of such export commodities as rice, rubber, maize, tapioca, minerals and forest products.