Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Christian Pavilion

Eight of Canada's major Christian denominations joined together to promote this pavilion, presenting at Expo 67 a common message with a common voice. The Churches participating are - in order of their size in Canada - Roman Catholic, United, Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Greek-Orthodox and Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox.

The pavilion represents a historic step in the forward march of ecumenism. It is to be found in the heart of one of the busiest sectors on Ile Notre-Dame, close to the Expo-Express station and to the pavilions of Canada, Britain, and France.

The pavilion theme is that in a world often without hope and love, Christ is an internal hope and source of joy. To project its message, the pavilion uses photographs from every part of the world. Film, sound, space and lighting are other techniques used.

In contrast to most pavilions, the Christian Pavilion approaches Man's story through treatment of such important factors as birth, life, death, resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost. It seeks to define the essential meaning of the life of Man through Christ in God's World.

Click here to see a tour of some of the photographic displays and motion pictures in the Christian Pavilion as presented in a film called "This Solitude Through Which We Go ... Is I".

Click here to see a model to scale the Christian Pavilion.