Image from, the Bill Cotter collection, with our sincere thanks.

The Belgium Pavilion

No matter which section the visitor to the Belgian Pavilion may be in, he will have an unusually comprehensive view, due to an ingenious system of bridges and a luminous central patio.

The Belgian Pavilion is on the IIe Sainte-Hélène, on a lake and close to Place des Nations. Glass, steel, granite and bricks from Belgium were used in its construction.

Its motto related to the theme of Expo 67 is: Humani nihil alienum a Belga. In an English version: In all that concerns humanity, Belgium is involved.

The pavilion first shows fine examples of national art treasures. Then there is a section devoted to natural and other resources. Belgium's political and social pattern is described.

A huge mural illustrates expanding peaceful involvement around the world and a Pantheon honors Belgians who have made outstanding contributions.

There are exhibits devoted to scientific progress, modern port installations, diversification of industry geared to exports, fine books, agricultural products.

An audio-visual display shows the benefits brought by the Brussels Exhibition of 1958, and so suggests the benefits which will accrue from Expo 67 at Montreal.

A first class restaurant and bar offer national dishes and the famous beers of Belgium.

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