Expo 67 Links

Library and Archives of Canada: "Expo 67... A Virtual Experience"

The National Archives of Québec: "The Universal Exposition in Montreal in 1967"

The University of Toronto Fine Arts - "Expo 67 Montréal"

The University of British Columbia Curriculum Studies - "Private and Public Memories of Expo 67: A Case Study"

Glendon College: "Footprints of Expo '67 Retraces Defining Moment in Canada's and Glendon's History"

Texas Tech University of Architecture: "The Expo Reader" (lots of historical documents about the fair)

The University of Maryland Libraries: a write-up on "La Ronde"

Brown University's WBRU radio clips. In particular, check out the audio clip reviewing the Czechoslovakian pavilion

An Address by Mr. Robert F. Shaw, Deputy Commissioner General Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition at the Empire Club, Toronto, December 3, 1964

Expo 67 History Cards: "Les Six Mois de l' Expo"
The information on these cards are translated into English from Yves Jasmin's book "La Petite Histoire d' Expo 67" by Jason Stockl which provides for a day-by-day accounting of the events that took place at Expo. The history cards are beautifully arranged in sequence for viewing.

Royal Bank of Canada: "The Universal and International Exhibition of 1967"

Canadian Architect: Ambitious Expo

Astrid Zydower: an artist and her work for the British Pavilion at Expo 67 

Sir Basil Spence, architect for the British Pavilion, original drawings

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland website: "Site of Expo 67" containing 178 images and sketches of the British Pavilion and more

Design sketch of the sculptures in the final section of the British Pavilion

The Exposeeum website provides a detailed explanation of how the motto "Man and His World" came into being

More from the CBC Archives: Radio and Television broadcasts on Expo 67

Life Magazine at Expo 67 (lots of rare photographs)

Boy Scouting at the World's Fair - Expo 67

Official Website: Bureau International des Expositions

Deb Murphy's Expo 67 Tribute. Lots of interesting angle photos of pavilions and stuff

Gerry McGee's excellent photo collection on Expo 67

Dominic Brunette stunning black and white photo collection of Expo 67 remnants and pavilions

Robert Lavigne's Expo gallery

Expo Lounge by Jason Stockl

D.C. Hillier.com Expo 67

D.C. Hillier's Anniversary of Light

D.C. Hillier's Expo illustrations

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Expo 67: "Small Pavilions and other Follies"
From Artefact Montreal, a presentation of urban sculptures from various artists from around the world. When you enter the site, click on each name of the artist to see their work.

Patrick Stuart: "This Was the Future" (YouTube video)

Patrick Stuart: "Future Passé Lointain" (YouTube video)

The Monorail Society: Expo's Monorails

Alexander Kolosov's Dow Beer Caps Expo 67

Montréal Universal and International Exhibition of 1967

Canadian License Plates: Canada's Centennial (1867-1967)

Expo 67 photographs plus "Man and His World" in 1968.  Bonus photographs, New York Worlds Fair, 1964

Expo 2017 -  a proposal for Canadians to celebrate Canada's Sesquicentennial in 2017

Bill Cotter's "WorldsFairPhotos.com." An excellent compendium of digital photographs of various World Fairs

Centre d'histoire de Montréal with a fine collection of Expo 67 memorabilia

Centennial Celebrations 1967 - a look at the various kinds of music that was featured during Canada's Centennial year

Here's an interesting link to another world exposition: Vancouver's Expo 86

Canada at Expo 2000 in Hannover, Germany, by Robert Tremblay

Heritage Canada website: "Canada to participate at Expo 2010 Shanghai China"

Past TV Alert: CBC Television Special on Expo 67

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