Expo 67 at Night

Photo credit: © Henry Petermann, a.k.a. petespix75 at Flickr.com.  Used with permission with our sincere thanks.  

Air Canada (part 1) Kaleidoscope
Air Canada (part 2) La Ronde (part 1)
Algeria and Burma Pavilions La Ronde (part 2)
Australia (part 1) Man the Explorer (close-up view)
Australia (part 2) Monaco Pavilion
Austria, Iran, Telephone, and Man the Explorer Place d'Accueil
Boy Scouts and State of New York Pavilions Polymer and Man the Explorer Pavilions
Canada (part 1) Québec Pavilion
Canada (part 2) Spirale
Canada (part 3) State of New York Pavilion (close-up)
Canada (part 4) Steel, Pulp and Paper, plus Canadian Pacific - Cominco Pavilions
Canada Pavilion (model to scale) Switzerland and Austria Pavilions
Canada, Ontario, Québec and France Pavilions Thailand (part 1)
Canadian Pacific - Cominco Thailand (part 2)
Cuba Thailand (part 3)
Ethiopia Trinidad, Tabago and Grenada
Expo Signage USA (part 1)
Fountains at Expo 67 USA (part 2)
France (part 1) USA (at dusk)
France (part 2) USA Lunar Module
Germany (part 1) USA (with Minirail passing through)
Germany (part 2) USA (excellent close-up of exterior)
Great Britain USA (parachuttes suspended from ceiling)
Gyrotron and the Spirale at sunset USA and USSR Pavilions
Hofbrauhaus USSR
Indians of Canada USSR Pavilion (close-up)
Indians of Canada, United Nations, and Christian Pavilions USSR Pavilion (fountains nearby)
Indians of Canada and Québec Pavilions USSR Pavilion (front view)
Iran USSR (long angle view)
Israel A view of Expo 67