Image from, the Bill Cotter collection, with our sincere thanks.

Scandinavia Pavilion

The Scandinavian Pavilion is set on columns in the centre of a Garden of Sculpture.

Its general theme is Man in Unity -- with emphasis on the prime importance of international co-operation.

Five architects, one from each of the Scandinavian nations participating -- Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden -- were responsible for the design.

Almost every constituent, from steel structure, concrete prefabricated units for roofs and walls, ramps, sun blinds and carpets to the slate on the ground level and the elevator for handicapped, was made in a Scandinavian country.

Moving ramps provide transport from ground level to the first floor where a variety of restaurants serve fine Scandinavian food and drink.

Proceeding by ramp to the second floor, visitors will find themselves in the exhibit area where the five nations have individual displays, so arranged that the exhibit content -- like the building -- reflects Scandinavia's basic unity.

The Scandinavian Pavilion faces the Boulevard du Centenaire on Ile Sainte-Hélène. It adjoins the Place des Nations Station of the Expo-Express and the Man the Explorer Theme complex.

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