Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

Pavilion of Czechoslovakia

At the last World Exhibition, held at Brussels in 1958, the Czechoslovak Pavilion won top acclaim.

In Expo 67, too, the Czechoslovak national pavilion, close to the Ile Notre-Dame station of the Expo-Express, is imaginative, well-balanced.

Czechoslovak glass and ceramics are widely used in the buildings. Steel was prefabricated and shipped to Canada.

What's there to see?

...For Children - a beautiful fairytale area and the unique Trebechovice creche.

...Fashion displays - Czech jewelry, accessories and hand-made lace.

...An exhibition of fine Bohemian glass through the centuries.

...Hall of the Centuries - artistic and historical treasures.

...Symphony of Developed Industry - scenography used in new ways.

...Problems posed by modern technology, and their solution.

...The rich cultural and social pattern of Czechoslovak life, outstanding Baroque works of art, and other facets of Czechoslovakia to interest the potential tourist.

...A Trade Center served by experts.

...Theatre - variety of programs for children and adults.

...Paradise for Gourmets - all the delicacies of Czechoslovakia in four restaurants, luxury to snack bar. Famous Pilsen beer.

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