Photo credit: © Bill Dutfield, used with permission with our sincere thanks.

An excellent photograph of the bridge span being constructed

The departure of the Expo Express began at "Place d'Accueil" on the Cité du Havre (it was actually called the "Cité du Havre Trailer Train Stop, Place d'Accueil.")  While on the Cité du Havre, it made its first stop at the "Expo Express station, Habitat 67." It eventually exited out of the Cité du Havre using the "Concordia Bridge" (that was built in 1965) over the St. Lawrence River.  The Expo Express then entered Île Sainte-Hélène, making its second stop at the "Expo Express station, Place des Nations."  It then eventually exited out of Île Sainte-Hélène onto the newly constructed "Bridge of the Isles" located over Le Moyne Channel and entered Île Notre-Dame, making its third stop at "Expo-Express, station Île Notre-Dame" (close to the Man the Producer Pavilion.)  From there the Expo Express trekked on until it exited out of  Île Notre-Dame and onto the "Expo-Express Bridge" (over the Le Moyne Channel once again) where it arrived at its fourth stop at "Expo Express station, La Ronde" -- the amusement playground of Expo 67. It would then do the trip in reverse in order to get back to "Place d'Accueil."