This Solitude Through Which We Go ... Is I

Expo 1967 Christian Pavilion

Color: B&W
Type: 16mm sound film
Length: Approx. 1,000 ft.
Running Time: Approx. 30 minutes


A contemporary review: "The Christian Pavilion at Expo '67, the International Exhibition at Montreal, is a bold annunciation of what's happening. Truly ecumenical - the fruit of eight cooperating churches including the Roman Catholic - the controversial building attempts to meet the challenge and need of our electronic age by opting for contemporary symbols of faith rather than historical and traditional ones. Critics aplenty, mostly within the churches, are charging that it is a surrender to the theories of Marshall McLuhan, Canada's prophet of technological environment. The lack of familiar and identifiable Christian symbols, and the use of modern photographs showing the variety of human life and problems, offend popular piety and theological conservatism."

Expo '67 featured 90 pavilions representing Man and His World themes, nations, corporations, industries and religions. Eight of Canada's major Christian denominations joined together to promote this pavilion, presenting at Expo 67 a common message with a common voice. This film is beautiful, lyrical exploration and record of the Pavilion - told without narration or dialogue - just background sounds, sound effects, and a few bits of conversations or laughter. This filmed as through the camera were the visitor in the pavilion. The Christian Pavilion approached Man's story through use of still pictures and film. For a more detailed description of the Pavilion and it's exhibits (all of which are shown here in this film) see