Copyright by Rick Rake with our sincere thanks.  Used with permission.

Remnants of Katimavik, November, 1984.

"I remember being at the site of the Y-shaped pavilion in 1984. Notice the elevator shaft.  If you look at your own pics, the Katimavik had one elevator serving the pavilion. Check out your own pics of the top part of the pavilion. It's certainly not Man and His ... pavilions. This is the site of the big 'Y'. Nothing else in that area had such an extensive metal network."

"This wasn't too far from the site of the People Tree exhibit.

"Can you believe it. I remember this stuff from more than 20 years ago. I just recall the feeling of "whatever you call it" when I saw the Katimavik in this state. I guess the entire thing is levelled now.

"Keep looking at it... and you will go.... ah, yeah... he's right."

Rick Rake
May 17, 2007