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Tuesday, May 2, 1967

French Press

French - English Expo Effort An Example for Canadians

EXPO is an example of what French Canadians can accomplish working together, Claude Ryan, editor-publisher of Le Devoir of Montréal said editorially last week.

At one time or another during preparations for Expo, its central figures, Montréal's Mayor Jean Drapeau, Commissioner General Pierre Dupuy, his deputy, Robert Shaw, or chief of operations Col. Edward Churchill came under criticism, he said.

"There were fears expressed that one or other of them might want to dominate the whole affair; it was rumored at other times that relations between them were difficult.

"Today all that is so much water under the bridge. What is remembered is that these vigorous representatives of the two great cultural communities that form the country collaborated, successfully, right up to the end, in something on which both communities have left their imprint.

"This experience will remain one of the great moments in the contemporary history of Canada. It will remain as living example of what we can accomplish together providing we interest ourselves freely and fully."

Le Soleil of Québec City said of the millions of visitors expected:

"Isn't this the best possible way for Canadians to get to know one another -- what other event could attract to Québec so many of our compatriots from the nine other provinces? -- to make ourselves known to the rest of the world and at the same time to realize how much progress ties all nations together?"

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