50,000,000 Visitor

Housewife Wins Trip to Expo 70

MONTRÉAL (CP) - Marthe Racine, 39, who has made only one airplane flight in her life, Saturday won a flight to Osaka, Japan, to see Expo 70 when she became Expo 67's 50,000,000th visitor.

On the plane with her will be her husband Alexander, 39, a construction contractor, who followed her through a turnstile 6:58 p.m. at Place d'Accueil, Expo's main gate, and into a huge throne of journalists and Expo officials.

It was Mrs. Racine's 25th visit to the fair. She has five children, who ages range between three and 11 and lives in Repentigny, a Montréal suburb.

The prize consists of a roundtrip first-class air flight to Osaka in 1970 to see the world's fair with all expenses paid for 14 days.

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