Expo Revenues Up, But So Is Deficit

(By The Canadian Press) -- Revenues of Expo '67, boosted by a heavy summer attendance, are running at more than 88 percent of target figures, Trade Minister Winters announced Thursday.

But he said the crowds have also meant much higher operational costs than anticipated, and more than the last official estimate of $157,000,000.

Mr. Winters said in a statement that revenues to Aug. 31 totalled $102,256,000, compared with a pre-Expo estimate of $103,567,493 for that date.

With the attendance running 25 per cent ahead of forecasts, Expo officials still expect 45,000,000 visits by closing day. The original estimate was 30,000,000 visits.

Mr. Winters said in an interview that his department is asking Expo to bear down on operating costs. The minister has met twice with officials in Montreal this week.

Bus service into the site has been reduced, hours cut on rides in La Ronde amusement area, and free entertainment at La Ronde rescheduled to reduce competition with riders.

Reductions have been made in the security guard and admission and ticketing staff.

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