Banish Expo Feet With Simple Care

By The Ottawa Journal Staff

Most of us in the Ottawa area are suffering from what is commonly known as Expo feet.

But this is no excuse to neglect them and there is nothing more unsightly on the beach, or bare and peeking through sandals than badly kept feet.

It is said that if your feet hurt you get your mind off your other worries. This may be so but you had better check the overall picture of those feet and forget, for the moment, your figure in your new bathing suit.

To begin with are the toenails trim and freshly enameled? Split nails, hangnails and chipped enamel certainly can get you off on the wrong foot if you can forget the pun.

Your pedicure program to give it a more elegant sound should also include removal of a callous. The common heel callous is the worst offender to the eye. Start early because its removal takes several treatments.

Photo credit: National Archives of Canada

And then there were foot care "gimmicks" at Expo 67. This one entitled: "Rest your tired feet, 10 cents." 


Soak the feet in warm water. As it softens, rub it with a pumice. After drying the feet, hold a cotton pad, soaked in witchhazel, against the heels for a few minutes.

Podiatrists say good feet are chiefly a question of good care.

You must keep your feet comfortable all the year around. Some people change their shoes several times a day in the office. Suit your shoes to the occasion. High heels belong at a party and low heels at a picnic.

Make sure your shoes fit you. Feet can take enormous punishment. Putting a size seven foot into a size six show can ruin your feet.  You won't be floating through life because you will become a hobbler.


Foot baths at the end of a hard day when you have been standing a great deal is a real boon. The soft soapy water helps your feet and thus can improve your disposition. Always dry the skin thoroughly.

There is such a thing as protective care. Most people use a body powder, so why not use a foot powder. This is a necessity if your feet perspire.

If you care for your feet you won't need to use abrasives on them. Massage them with cream or lotion at night.

If you follow these suggestions and still have foot trouble you should see a podiatrist. He should be able to correct your difficulty. Some people go as often to see him as they do their dentist.

Comfortable feet can make you feel years younger in spite of Expo and sightseeing.

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