20,000,000th Visitor to Expo

MONTRÉAL - (CP) - Expo's 20,000,000th visitor was Celine Bouthiller, 19, of Chicopee Falls, Mass.

She arrived at the fair at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bouthiller, her sisters, Denis, 17, and Aileen, 16, and her aunt Therese Lanthier.

Her father is from Henriville, Qué., but Celine was born and brought up in Massachusetts, where her father is an electrician.  She now is a nursing student in Holyoke, Mass.

Celine was presented with a watch by the representatives of the Swiss pavilion and she and her family will be the guests of a cigarette manufacturer for the 24 hours.

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