Best Centennial poem written by mother of 5

HALIFAX (CP) - Margaret Rempel of Fairview, a Halifax suburb, has won a $1,000 award for "the best 10-line poem celebrating Canada's Centennial of Confederation." John Fisher was to present the award to Mrs. Rempel in province house here today.

Mrs. Rempel was one of thousands from across the country who entered the contest sponsored by the Atlantic Advocate, a monthly published in Fredericton. One rule stipulated that entries be in both French and English.

Advocate publisher Michael Wardell said the 10-line poem, Flame of our Future, was chosen to be representative of the Canadian provinces.

Mrs. Rempel, mother of five, said she has been writing poems for many years. She won her first competition when she was 16.

The poem (English version):

From clay to kiln, by pioneers, this land
Was shaped, reshaped and moulded to time's wheel:
Tempered in heat of conquest, through blood-flow,
With calcined bones of martyrs, till refined.
A hundred years of quality and faith,
Polished in progress, prove the mindful men
Who gathered in the name of nationhood:
Confederation's fathers, born to blend
The provinces of Canada and breath
Light into fire...flame of our future's forge.

- End of article. Copyright by the Canadian Press, June 7, 1967. All rights reserved.