Photo credit: © J. Whelan, Montreal, 2008

Le Galopant carousel at La Ronde

Click on the "on air" image for merry-go-round audio of the carousel

The carousel's music:

"The organ, designed to be a miniature orchestra, is mounted on its original carriage. Formerly, the engine supplied the power required to run a leather bellows, which in turn operated its own mechanism, various instruments, and wooden flutes.

This organ read music from perforated paperboard sheets connected end-to-end with a special adhesive. One song required 48 sheets.

The Galopant organ is worthy of being called an orchestrionóthe name sometimes given to this type of musical instrumentóbecause its 89 touch keys, which activated 327 flutes, two drums, one cymbal, and two clappers, produced an orchestra-like sound.

Today, the music played is the same as that on the perforated paperboard sheets used in 1967. It is, however, recorded, because the organ was not restored due to the immense complexity of this task."  -- source: "Enter the world of Galopant" by La Ronde.