Photo credit: © Martin Sturrock, used with permission with our sincere thanks.

Hovercraft slipway on Île-Ste-Hélène

The remains of the Hovercraft slipway as it looks like today on Île Ste-Hélène. Unfortunately the slipway has become refuge for the original Expo 67 cement trash cans.  But as Martin noted in an e-mail correspondence to the proprietor of this website, is that the "trash cans can be found in various places along the shore. I suppose they just tipped them over sometime in the 80's when they tore down the remaining pavilions."

Using Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping services, a first for any Expo 67 site on the internet, you can view in 2-Dimension or 3-Dimension mode the actual location of the Hovercraft slipway.  Please click here to view the maps.

Special thanks to Martin Sturrock for the providing the exact URL location of the Hovercraft slipway through Virtual Earth mapping services.