The "B-25" airplane 

"Great color view of B-25 cameraship N1042B in its first Tallmantz paint scheme. The markings on the nose are represent the camera used on one of the Disney CircleVision, a.k.a. Circarama, project, this one being filmed for Expo 67 held at Montreal, Canada." -- source: Aero Vintage Books: Tallmantz Aviation website.



"A promotional photo for Tallmantz that shows the primary B-25 cameraship with the Disney CircleVision camera extended. That's B-25 pilot Frank Pine in the inset. " -- source: Aero Vintage Books: Tallmantz Aviation website.

Technical aspects of filming, as of May 28, 1980, are sourced from the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper:

- The plane has a three-person flight crew; four camera operators.
- Filming is done by nine cameras arranged in a circle. The cameras are placed on a rack and are lowered 7 feet below the plane so that no
  portion of the plane is visible when filming. These 35-millimeter cameras film upward into mirrors that are titled at a 45-degree angle and reflect
  what's on the horizon (because of the angle, the cameras can't film what's directly underneath it.)
- A 65-millimeter camera sits in the window section of the nose cone of the plane.
- The B-25 plane has been used for filming "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World", "Catch-22" and the series of "Airport" movies.*
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* Article: "Disney crew to record volcano in 'Circle Vision'", the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper, May 28, 1980
The above photographs and certain quotations are sourced from Aero Vintage Books: Tallmantz Aviation website with our sincere thanks.